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Paddling Options


 •Canoe   •Solo Kayak   •Tandem Kayak   •Angler Kayak  •Stand Up Paddle Board

Freestyle Paddle:

Duration: 2, 3, 4 Hour, Full Day & Overnight
Experience level: Novice
Launch and landing: Dockside

Enjoy a casual paddle while taking in the scenery on the historic and beautiful Galena River. We recommend paddling upstream first and then returning downstream to the boat launch. This will ensure that you are not too exhausted to return upstream against the current. This is a great paddle for novices and is our most economic option.

Starting at $28

Angler Kayak Adventure

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Novice  (Fishing License Required)

A new way to relax on your day off… fishing by kayak! Rent a brand new Old Town Predator angler kayak for a stable and comfortable fishing experience. Drift, pedal, or paddle through a 225 acre private lake while pulling in small & large mouth bass, catfish, and walleye

Starting at $150

Trip 1: Buckhill to Galena

DURATION: 2 to 2 1/2 Hours
EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Novice  (launch requires athleticism)
LAUNCH: Riverside Wilderness
LANDING:  Dockside

Our most popular adventure begins with a 20 minute stretch of fast moving water with a few small sets of rapids. After the initial excitement, the river calms down and provides a leisurely 5 mile paddle through the beautiful Galena countryside. Guests can expect to see wildlife such as hawks, bald eagles, herons, and bass jumping from the waters.

This is a great experience for novices. Kayaking experience is not required but excitement and a passion for the outdoors is!

Starting at $46

Trip 2: Council Hill to Galena

DURATION: 3 1/2 to 4 Hours
LAUNCH: Riverside Wilderness
LANDING:  Dockside

When calm and clear, this stretch of river provides some great fishing. When high, this stretch provides some of the most exciting paddling the Galena River has to offer. On an average day, one may still have to exit the boat and pull it over a sand bar or patch of rocks. Regardless of river depth, there is one obstacle, a chute where water is funneled into a narrow section in the middle of the river. This rapid will provide a great photo opportunity and we can almost promise you will get splashed!

This trip is an extension of the Buckhill to Galena trip and starts farther upriver. Buckhill to Galena paddlers will be dropped off first and then we will head to the Council Hill launch so expect a 10 minute longer van ride. Due to the geographical features of this stretch of river, only kayaks are permitted. Kayaking experience is preferred but not required.

Starting at $56

Trip 3: New Diggings to Galena

LAUNCH: Riverside Wilderness
LANDING:  Dockside

New Diggings, WI to Galena is the longest river trip offered and is a full day experience. Paddlers must be mentally and physically prepared for an entire day on the river. This means bringing enough water and snacks for the whole day. This portion of the Galena River is actually still referred to as the Fever River, hence the business name.

The geographical features of this stretch of river are typically shallow and narrow and paddlers must be prepared for cattle crossings and electric wire fences that cross the river. The electric fences are nothing to worry about, just something to pay attention to! Guests are encouraged to use their paddle to lift up the wire and float under. If the river is high some fence wires may not be visible so paddlers just need to be aware they may bump into one. When the water is high enough that it is touching the electric wires the farmers do not have the fences on. Even if a fence is on, the electricity is not enough to harm you and couldn’t unless you reached up and grabbed onto it for an extended period of time. Remember, cattle cross the river and bump into these fences all the time. It’s nothing to worry about!

Due to the geographical features of this stretch of river, only kayaks are permitted. Kayaking experience is preferred.

Starting at $66

Shuttle Service

Shuttle you and your boat to one of our exclusive launch sites.

Galena locals or avid kayakers who have their own boat and are looking to run the Galena River are welcomed to purchase a shuttle to one of our exclusive launch sites. We want you to enjoy the Galena River and we are here to make that happen.

All shuttles are $15 per person. Individuals are responsible for transporting their boat to Galena where it will be loaded onto our trailer for transport to the river launch of their choice. Fever River Outfitters will be in contact about where to meet for the shuttle service.

Starting at $15

Bicycles – Rentals & Trips

 • Electric   •Hybrid   •Fat Tire   •Road   •Tandem   •Kids

Bicycle Rental:

Duration: 1, 2, 4 Hour, Full Day

Zip through the streets of historic downtown Galena or cruise the beautiful countryside on a bike. Miles of riverside bike paths and walking trails are available for exploring.

Starting at $20

Bike & Adventure Package:
Galena to Chestnut Mountain Resort

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Intermediate (Hybrid Bike or Electric Bike)

Reservations are required at least a week in advance for Mississippi River Cruise packages.

A day of adventure in Galena just got a little more exciting!

Announcing four package options between Fever River Outfitters and Chestnut Mountain Resort. Cruise on an electric or hybrid bike through the beautiful Galena countryside on this 18 mile (round trip) adventure. Guests have the option to choose between a Mississippi River Cruise Package (weekends only) or the Chestnut Mountain Adventure Package.

The hybrid bike packages are valued at $75 and the electric bike packages at $120.

Starting at $60

Chestnut’s 1.5 hour Mississippi River Cruise takes you for a scenic voyage down the mighty river where you’ll view wildlife, learn area history, see geographical curiosities and glimpse the breathtaking riverscapes on one of the area’s most compelling adventures.

Additional Cruise Information

The cruise is capped at 30 guests and fills up quickly on summer weekends. The Mississippi River Cruise departs at 10:30AM and 1:00PM. Guests must arrive early or risk being left behind. In other words, do not take your time on the way out, but taking your time on the way back to town is perfectly fine!

Please give Fever River a call at 815-776-9425 if wanting to reserve a Mississippi River Cruise package less than a week out. Reservations for the Adventure Package may be taken up to one day prior to your trip date. 

The Adventure Package is the perfect way to experience the mountain and includes one single rider for the Soaring Eagle zipline, unlimited Alpine Slide rides, and one round of miniature golf or disc golf. Take the chairlift to the top of the mountain to redeem your Adventure Package at the ticket office.

Transparency & Recommendations

If you are an avid biker, understand how to use bike gears, and are athletic the hybrid bike is a great option. Otherwise, we strongly recommend the electric bikes. The bike trail is primarily crushed limestone and gravel and has a few challenging hills. The electric bikes are now more like regular bikes than ever before. They blend human energy with electric energy to create the perfect human-electric hybrid experience. Additionally, you will cross train tracks twice just before arriving at Chestnut. Trains through here travel close to 70 mph, thus guests must be alert and aware of their surroundings. 

Galena Cellars Winery E-bike

EXPERIENCE LEVEL: Intermediate (Electric Bike)

Ride on electric bikes through the rolling hills and country roads Surrounding Galena on your way to the Galena Cellars Vineyard and Tasting Room. Included is a wine tasting and a ride back to town. This is offered from 12pm to 4pm daily all summer.

Starting at $75


(815) 776-9425

9a-5p    7 Days • May-Oct

9a-5p    Fri-Mon • Nov-Apr

Let Fever River Outfitters help you explore all Galena has to offer in the Great Outdoors!

We can take you on a paddling, biking or hiking trip that’s far from boring. Our jewel of the outdoors is the lush, hilly terrain, with a mild flowing river running through it. We have adventures for all skill levels and a staff that knows the area well, from experience.

We are a small shop that wants to please, so make reservations please!

E-BIKES – Experience the Next Great Adventure

Electric bikes have evolved to become more elegant and easy to use. Electric bicycles are now more like regular bicycles than ever before. They blend human energy and electric energy from a compact motor to create the perfect human-electric hybrid vehicle that intuitively augments your own pedaling power to help you climb hills, slice through headwinds and go faster and further on a bike than ever before – all while you perspire less!

Get excited about Winter!

Open daily from 9am – 4pm
weather permitting.

Fever River Outfitters in partnership with Eagle Ridge Resort, offers a winter wonderland to the public. Bring your family out for some sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing or cross country skiing on our groomed trails.

We can provide equipment for rent, or you may bring your own. There’s a $5 Trail access fee for anyone bringing their own equipment.

Let us show you how to have fun in the snow.