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Trip to chestnut mountain

Galena to Chestnut Mountain    E-Bike or Mountain Bike

18 mile out and back bike ride, on “rails to Trails” including chair lift to top of chestnut mountain. If you want to rent on a day not listed on the schedule, please call us to request date and time.

Experience fantastic Mississippi River views by way of biking along the Galena River trail to Chestnut mountain. There’s no other trail quite like it, where you get right up close to the river and then can take a chairlift to the top of Chestnut Mountain for vista views. The trail is mostly crushed gravel, and flat. Along the way you can take a side trail up to Casper Bluff for more views or hiking.

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Galena is a spectacular destination for scenic bicycle riding.

Mountain Bikes: The Galena River Trail is located less than a city block from our shop. You can ride the flat crushed limestone path all the way to Chestnut Mountain, approximately 9 miles, where the trail ends.. Enjoy up close views of the Mississippi River along the way.
Also, check out Casper Bluff, which is located about 5 miles south. Take the spur off the Galena River Trail, to ride to the top and where you’re presented with awesome vista views of the Mississippi. For even more fun, take a hike on the walking trails there.

Road Bikes: Ask us for free maps of our favorite remote country road routes. Remember, there are hills everywhere, so every route is very hilly, but the rewards of spectacular scenery is worth it.

If you have time to check out more trails. . . also check out the Heritage Trail in Dubuque (25 min drive from Galena) or the Port of Dubuque riverfront trail.