Biking FAQ’s

Do I have to wear a bike helmet when renting a bicycle? Yes, everyone must wear a helmet.

Where’s the best place to ride? The Galena River Bike path is located just across the river from Fever River Outfitters. This Bike path is about 9 miles to Chestnut Mountain, and is a relatively flat and beautiful trail. We highly recommend it.

Paddling FAQ’s

What should I bring on my paddling trip? Sunscreen, sunglasses, water, dry bag, cell phone, and wear comfortable, weather appropriate clothing.

What do you provide for paddling trips? Boat, PFD and paddle. We also provide transportation for our trips.

What is minimum age for paddling? Minimum age for paddling is 2 years old for freestyle rentals and 5 year old for trips.

Do I have to wear a lifejacket? Yes, everyone must wear a Lifejacket when in our boats! No exceptions.

What is the maximum capacity for a canoe? Our canoes weight capacity is 900lbs.

What is maximum capacity for a kayak? 350lbs . . For a tandem kayak? 600lbs.

If we have small kids do we need to rent a middle seat? Yes. Canoe middle seats are only for kids up to 90lbs each. No more than two small kids per canoe, ages 5+

May I bring a cooler on my paddling trip? Yes.

Is alcohol allowed while paddling? No alcohol is allowed.

May I bring a pet on my paddling trip? Small and well mannered dogs are acceptable. They must be small enough to sit on your lap. Other pets must be approved by Fever River Outfitters in advance of reservation.

Are there places to get out of our canoe and picnic along the way? The best place is Depot Park, located at the Galena Boat launch. This park has picnic tables and shade. All other shorelines along the river to the north of town are private property. We ask that you do not get out of your boat on that section of the river, in respect of other’s property.

E-Bike FAQ’s

Can I rent an E-Bike any day of the week? We have specific dates we offer E-bike rentals, however you may request days not listed, and we will let you know if we can accommodate.

What is the minimum age for E-biking? 18 years old

When renting an E-bike do we get a lesson? Yes, every E-bike rental includes a lesson. We will show you how to operate the E-bike. We also reserve the right to dis-allow you to rent, if we deem you are unable to operate the E-bike safely.

How far can I ride an E-bike on a single charge? The average is 25 miles, however actual mileage will be affected also by higher than average weight and hilly terrain.

Do I have to wear a helmet when I rent an E-bike? Yes, everyone is required to wear helmets that we provide.